Modular milking parlour ModuStar

Benefits ModuStar

  • Delivered with pre-installed milking technique
  • Can be installed within a few days
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    Easy to expand modularly
  • Flexible financing options

The ModuStar is a fully-prepared robust milking parlor. The milking parlor is modular, easy to expand and equipped with the Dairymaster milking technique. Because the milking parlor is supplied pre-assembled for approximately 85%, the installation time on site is minimal. The ModuStar can be configured and built in according to your situation.


The milking parlor is available in different parts that are easy to connect above the milking pit. This makes it possible that the milking parlor can also be placed in hard-to-reach places. This modular milking parlor is also easy to expand afterwards. Finally, this milking parlor is available with a 50, 60 or 80 degree bracket system (can be mounted on the wall or on the tubular frame).

Because the ModuStar can be delivered in parts, it can be transported with regular transport and it is often sufficient to simply unload and put it in the right place with a forklift truck or tractor with front loader. On site, the ModuStar or its parts can easily be placed in the right place above the well with logistical aids.

Optionally, a unit can be supplied where the vacuum pump, electronics and flushing machine are pre-assembled for an even shorter installation time.

  Financing and depreciation

Because the ModuStar can be folded and can be moved as a complete machine, the machine also offers financial advantages:

  • Flexible financing with, for example, a lease construction
  • High residual value, when disassembling a conventional milking installation, a lot of money is lost to disassemble and assemble. The ModuStar can be picked up and moved as a whole

For more information and possibilities, mail to or call 088-3247900.

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